Language Services

T&L Localized Interactive Content can play an important role in increasing your content’s global outreach, let us help you reach your global audience!

At Beno, we know that getting Localized Creative Content for your audio or video right is an art. It requires not only precision but also creativity to adapt, paraphrase, and capture both the style and substance of the original program. Our clients rely on us for Language Services that are precise, straightforward and true to the contents of the programs.

We work with OTT and Theatrical Platforms for Pre-Release and Post-Release Localization in Asian, Indian and Middle-Eastern Languages. Beno provide Language Services for various Industries namely:

With capabilities in over 100+ languages, Beno will truly help your content reach a global audience. We work with only native resources to maintain cultural relevance and continuum. It is important for us to provide our customers with the native quality that they are looking for.

Our Primary focus under Language Services for Multimedia Solutions includes:
⦁ Subtitling and Captioning
⦁ Transcription and Time Spotting
⦁ Adaptation and Script Localization

Subtitling is a special case of localization due to the level of technicality required and is a type of audio-visual localization that has its own specifications, rules and criteria and belongs to “subordinate translation”.